Finals for Five for Fighting

 Welcome to the Dude Write results page for our fifth edition. We are honest here at Dude Write and want to be honest with you our readers and writers. It’s summer and we dudes normally have a lot going on.  We’ve lawns to mow (crops to plant or harvest), we’ve got baseball games to watch, pools to clean, fishing to get done… the days may be longer, but we fill them up.

Summer sludge has set in a bit and we’re looking for some jump start ideas.

As you all know we set out with the modest goal of boosting dude bloggers and encouraging writing by guys in general.  This week we had 28 unique voters.  Surprisingly, we had 14 lone gunmen. (How can they be alone if there are 14 of them?)  Well, what I mean by that is that 14 voters dropped in and voted for a single entry.  That makes us wonder, did they just show allegiance to their favorite blogger / blog and not read the rest?  Or did they only think they had 1 vote?

Long Hot Summer

We’ll make sure on our end that the we let our visitors know that they get three, on your side please let them know that you’d love for them to read at least 1 other blog (let’s start small).  We’d love them to read all of the entries, but week in and week out… that’s a tough call.

As we said, we are looking for your input on making Dude Write better.  Is the Friday-Tuesday too long?  Too short?  Would it be better not to straddle the weekend?  Normally traffic is lower on the weekend, but as a dude, I find it easier to catch up on my reading during the weekend.  Do we want longer to vote?  Tell me what works and what doesn’t, leave a comment down below. Be sure to read other comments and comment on them as well.