Dude-O-Nine Tails  

As we prepare the clubhouse for the women to come for a visit, there are numerous things that require our attention. 

In addition to the dirty underwear, the beer bottles, and the empty pizza boxes that need our attention, week 9 has helped us discover other things. 

Things that we couldn’t see because they lay beneath the misty cloud of flies on the floor.

Before we could let the girls in, we had many fears and insecurities to conquer, like that ex-girlfriend who turned psycho. We had to come to grips with the end of an era, put away our trophies and understand we aren’t as young as we once were. 

Forced to realize we just might want the nerdy chick in the glasses, we had to learn to talk to them. How else would they know we were the good kind of asshole. We needed to learn their likes as well as what they want from us.

Like all the women in our lives, they will have tried to jell with us, made us the luckiest man alive, but eventually they will leave us.

We will enjoy them while they are here.Our August Flash Fiction competition has begun and you’ll again have a month to start a 500 word story with “Never one to turn down a dare…” We had a spirited time of it last month and winners were chosen. Be sure to read, tweet, and vote.