Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD to the Winners


How hard is it to follow up 3 times a charm? 

Well, we’d be chasing you off with “Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady” as our title. I’m sure Lionel Ritchie is a nice guy, but not so sure he’s a Dude, even if he’s singing his songs with just about every country music musician out there.

Then we thought, sports! One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out? That ain’t workin. The connotation has all of our writers walking away hitless.

Three Blind Mice, though used to mock many a referee squad, isn’t going to be anything other than a backhand to our combatants.

The idea of the winner at auction fits well with our dudes. We’re all winners. Each post is unique and timeless and would look attractive mounted over the mantle.

How so, you say?

Who isn’t thinking of safer curses that could be used in church while keeping a groom calm in his seat? Of course, if you get caught pretend to be British.

How about answers to age old questions such as… can you keep your man card while getting the roto router treatment?

We had a touching tribute to a father’s son and a man telling his father’s story. And a lake house story that will warm your heart.

We looked at videos of Gargantuan hoses and went all juvenile asking the girl behind the counter to help with adult arm bands at Lamb Day.

Who knew that Frosty mug goodness could lead to love of one man and one Instagram.

Theories that expensive cars come without blinkers are debunked while all manner of side effects can be discovered on late night infomercials.

Don’t worry be happy, especially with three photos guaranteed to turn your frown upside down.